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I filtered thru a lot of stuff while researching for my 1st buld, I am planning on adding only the stuff I though was useful…

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  1. Hello, I built one of these model D machines and I would like to know how the 2 stepper motors are wired so that the gantry moves in sync, does each one go to a seperate terminal or do both get wired to 1 termerminal such as on the Z axis terminal on the control board, If not please advise.
    J.Zak 11-9-10

  2. Depends are what controllers you are using. If you have a 4 axis board you should wire the additional motor is the 4th axis and configure your software to slave the additional axis to the master, I know this can be done in EMC2 and Mach3. If you have something like the Probotix Side step driver running your 4th axis you can wire the step and direction of the new axis to the master axis. I have used both of these methods and they work well, keep in mind that in the EMC2 configuration tool the slave axis will not work when you jog the master axis which will do bad things (like break your machine), so you have to set the settings based on the numbers you come up with from the other 2 axis, or use the jog mode in EMC2 to test the salved axis after each change.

    I have discussed this on the Rockcliff forum here:

    You might also try doing a search on ‘slave axis’ on the rockcliff or cnczone forums.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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