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The router  mount I had been using up until now was basically a board with band (worm gear) clamp to hold the router in place (I saw this on the Rockcliff site).  For the most part it works, however I recently had an issue where the holes on some parts I was cutting were coming out too small.   Since I had cut the part a number of times I was confused, I thought maybe the end mill was getting dull so I changed it, and tried again… still wrong.  I finally figured out that the router had shifted and was at a slight angle, which was causing the holes to be slightly malformed, which made my very snug fit way too tight.

I realigned the router, and everything was fine…  but not one to leave well enough alone (obsessive), I ended up creating a more proper mount for the DW660 router (Cut out tool actually) and thought I would share it in case someone else decides to use this tool.  I also cut some adjustable clamps to hold a vacuum tube, I ended up using one them and a zip tie to mount the vacuum.  The DW660 is not exactly round which made creating the mount more difficult than it should have been, I will be looking for a round tool next time I buy a router  (have my eye on a Bosch Colt).

Here is the dxf file for the mount:, please feel free to use it as you will.

Here are some pics showing the construction:

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  1. Hi Grumpy,

    What’s the dia of the bit you use to drill out the side of the MDF before putting in the bolt? Any precaution taken to prevent splitting? I’m still having problem and have to resort to use right angle bracket to fasten the pieces.


  2. The cross dowels are 1/4-20, I am using a 2 1/2 inch bolt to secure the clamps to the 3/4 inch backboard. The only thing I do that might effect the splitting is I usually assemble the pieces using clamps to hold everything in place and then drill thru the actual pieces using a drill (not the drill press) running at full speed while applying light to moderate pressure. I still split once in a while, if it is minor I usually just apply glue (using toothpicks or thin plastic to get glue into the split), clamp and live with it if possible, if not I re-cut the piece and try again.

    It could be I am just lucky 🙂


  3. How about making a D shaped unit out of plastic, to hook the vacuum to the back of Z axis, at the bottom, let hose just fallow the Z axis.

  4. I think I understand what you are saying, maybe I will take this approach with the new machine, it may actually be easier since the only part of the Z axis moves on the new machine.

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