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  1. Hey there Grumpy – i am impressed!! I am busy with panels for a home sim cockpit. My issue is finding someone local who can engrave perspex or plexi at a reasonable cost. So to kill 2 birds with one stone, and considering your goal was to keep costs to a minimum, your rig sparked my curiosity. Did you design it yourself or did you find the necessary planes?

    I have machinery and routers (manual/hand), dremel stuff etc etc etc but lacking a CNC router. Where, if it exists and not your own, would i find the plans that you used?

    Many thanks in advance.


    (South Africa)

  2. The plans I used to build machine #1, are from RockCliff Machines, Inc. The Rockcliff (especially Model D), JGRO, and Solsylva plans lend themselves to being build with hand/power tools, and can be built on a budget if you are careful. No matter how cheap you can build the machine for, the motors, electronics, and software still are a somewhat fixed cost, my first build (Software and hardware) cost me around $650 U.S. to assemble, you can see a breakdown here: http://grumpygeek.com/?page_id=9. Take a look at the sites listed on the plans page, you may find a set that looks like something that is suited to the tools, materials, and skills you have available.

    If you are speaking of the black and yellow beast I am currently building, that is my design, but there are elements of several other machines in it. I am looking to design a minimal kit (bag of parts) that can be shipped fairly easily/cheaply, but I would say I am 3 to 6 months from realizing that goal, it will be a variation of the machine I am currently building assuming I am happy with results when I am done.

    I hope you find something that suits your needs, if not check back in a few months and see if I actually followed through on my bag of parts kit concept 🙂

    Good luck,

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