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  1. Hi,

    I recently purchased a copy of the Rockcliff plans and noticed your threads in the forum. I see in your first build you used the controller and motors from Xylotex – how do they compare to the Rockcliff stuff? Xylotex is running a special for the higher torque motors and I thought maybe that is the way to go. I want to build the “D” version the same dimensions as your first machine. When you scaled down the Y axis what length did you make the carriage? Did you keep the dimensions for the z axis from the plans? Sorry for all the questions I’m still new to all this.


  2. Hi Frank,

    I think the Xylotex and the Rockcliff board are very similar, I believe they even use the same driver chip. I had to supply +5v to the xylotex, but the newer boards do not have this requirement. I think they are both good quality boards, they configure and operate in pretty much the same manner, there are a few differences in the breakout and DB25 connections, but I think that would be up to individual preference. Oh, I will comment that I think the documentation for the Rockcliff board is the best (easiest to follow) out of the 3 baords I have used so far. If you would like to get the Rockcliff board, I would see if Rockcliff will give you the same deal, couldn’t hurt to ask :).

    I took 12 inches off the X and Y and left the Z axis alone, I also shorten the runnners (the bearing slides) by the same ratio, I can give you specific measurements if you want.

    I am happy to answer questions, you can also ask them in the Rockcliff forum (I assume you have gotten access to that), there are a lot of people who will gladly answer any questions you come up with.

    – GrumpyGeek

  3. I think you made up my mind on the Rockcliff board. I wqs leaning towards it. Thanks for your opinion and your info. I appreciate your help. If you can get a better deal that would be great – let me know.


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