Let it Begin… Let it Begin!!!

Hard to believe it’s been two months, but the holidays are crazy and the cold set in a bit sooner and harder than is normal for Georgia, so my days in the garage have been sparse (I know excuses, excuses…). But I have made good use of the time I have had and I am happy to announce that all of the parts are cut, drilled (~100 cross dowel connections), and ready to assemble.

This is my first time going from a 3d drawing to a physical machine, which very exciting for me. I expect things should move relatively quick from this point on, since I believe I have everything else I need. I may decide to buy some new motors rather than pulling the ones off the Rockcliff Model ‘D’, as they are only 116oz and I was planning on putting 2 on the X axis to handle moving the gantry, it would be a lot easier with just 3 more powerful motors.

Hopefully I will make enough weekly progress to make posting worth while, this should not take more than a month even for me.

Here are a few pics of the parts waiting for assembly… Let it begin… let it begin!!!

Stacked and waiting
Stacked and waiting
All laid out for inspection
All laid out for inspection

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  1. Me neither 🙂 Spent the weekend rearranging the garage so I had room to work in (more delays). I was planning on starting assembly last night, but ended up spending too much time in the garage finishing up the lead nuts and bearing blocks. Hopefully tonight I will get all the major assemblies put together, I put the Y carriage together to test the clearances of the pipe assembles and looks awesome!!!

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