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Information pertaining to my building of a 3 axis CNC routing machine

No, I am not dead.

Wow, six months since I last posted something, not sure what happen there.  I guess between work, family, home improvement, and critter control (bats in the attic vents) the time just whizzed by, kind of depressing…  But no I am not dead yet, and neither is the new build, in fact it should have its maiden flight… Continue Reading

One more step…

I got a little time last Wednesday to work on the machine, so I went ahead and built the table top.  It consists of of a 59.5 inch x 24 inch sheet of 3/4 MDF that has (3) 56.5 inch sections of  .75 Inch EMT conduit attached to the bottom for support.   The conduit… Continue Reading

A sagging concern…

Jordan Sipsip left a comment which among other things asked if I had noticed any sagging of the rails.  I really had not noticed any issues with the rails flexing under the weight of the gantry, but I decided to do a quick test.  I stacked a number of pieces of wood under the center… Continue Reading

The build goes on…

Well thanks to the vacation, holidays, and the drop in temperature it has been about two months since I have done any appreciable work on the machine, but I had a productive day yesterday and thought I would post an update. I have completed all of the lead nuts and carriers, bearing blocks, and added a… Continue Reading

DIY Couplings

OK, so here we go again. A running theme in my building process is budget, I am always trying to build adequate parts myself instead of buying them.  This has two goals, 1) Save money, 2) Learn how to create the parts I need so I can replace them as needed, and build more for… Continue Reading

DIY ACME Lead Nuts

I finally got back into the garage to work on the yellow and black beast again and I was able to create the first of four DIY 1/2″-10 ACME lead nuts. You can find lead nuts starting at ~$7 on ebay, anti-backlash lead nuts from ~$16 from dumpstercnc, and up from places such as roton… Continue Reading